Ticked Off With Flies Off With Flies!|For The Horse
Ticked Off With Flies Off With Flies!|For The Horse

Ticked off with Flies

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Completely natural and competition safe, simply add this solution to your horses' trough for protection against Ticks, Mosquitoes and Lice. You all loved the Ticked off! Trough solution and now we have Ticked off with Flies!

It offers the same effective treatment of Ticks, Lice and Mosquitoes and now treats the Bot Fly, Stable Fly, Sandflies and the housefly as well - how cool is that!! Simply add it into your feed or trough, its as easy as that! It is palatable, so most animals don't mind the taste whatsoever. If adding to feed, add one capful daily for 2 weeks, then one capful several times a week. If possible, add it to the trough as well.

It contains homeopathic ingredients : Culex, Sulphur, Tick and Lice Nosode, Ledum, Vegetable Glycerine, Purified Water,Stable Fly,Bot Fly Nosode, Sandfly & Housefly.

For the trough add 2-3 capfuls daily for 2-3 weeks and give it a good stir, then several times a week to top it up. The hydrogen particles in the water carry the remedy and disperse it throughout the trough, so it doesn'•t matter what the size of the trough is, as it doesn't dilute.

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