Mag for Nags - Flex Restore
Mag for Nags - Flex Restore

Mag for Nags - Flex Restore

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Revolutionary Transdermal Magensium! First we have our magnesium oil - this is applied externally. The reason we apply to the skin rather than taking liquid or powders is that it by-passes digestion and gets taken up directly into the blood stream. As we build up the system with this amazing nutrient, everything starts improving.

Next is our essential oils. these combinations are put to work in synergy to help specific purposes and the effects are like magic - it can be effective immediately.

Homeopathic/NZ Essences - we add these into our Magnesium for the same reason we use the magnesium oil via the skin, quite simply, they work! The combinations have come together after 10 years of trialing and improving. These formulas work brilliantly together as the vibrational synergy is part of nature.

Ingredients : Magnesium Chloride, Rose Hydrosol. Essential oils including Ylang Ylang, Hawaiian Sandlewood, Cedarwood, Roman Chamomile.

Homeopathics: Aconite, Arg-N, Kali-Ar, Kali-P.

NZ Essences: Kauri, Pohutukawa, Kanuka.